Fire That Bitch by Claudia Sampedro


Claudia Sampedro (Reggie Bush’s Jumpoff)
More-Lissa Aires-Music by Yo Gotti (Feat. Zed Zilla) – Fire That Bitch.

The name is Claudia Sampedro! There is definitely something in the water in Miami. This bikini/lingerie model is no joke. Her body is so smoking hot that I had to take her to a nudist colony so that regular people wouldn’t swarm her photoshoot with gawking, whistles and cell phone picts. Even still there was a few stragglers who couldn’t believe their eyes and decided to watch the shoot like it was a baywatch episode. In fact the lifeguard made up 3 bogus excuses to come around during the shoot so that he could deploy his corny pickup lines that drifted right into the onshore breeze. Claudia is so right in all the right places and has the sexiest voice and sweetest personality ever. She was so easy to work with that I found myself falling in love by the second. Claudia is the all around 21 year old model who also works for one of Miami’s top plastic surgeons. Her modeling career is just getting kick started and within just weeks of having some basic photos placed online, she now has every agency and photographer in town going googoo-gaga over her. So get ready to see her here, there and everywhere! If you had any smarts at all you would be high tailing your butt into the member section to witness Claudia’s sexiest ever exclusive HD pictures and video shot.

Fire That Bitch by Claudia Sampedro


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