WSHH iCandy Justene Jaro – The Weeknd – Glass Table Girls

Music By: The Weeknd – Glass Table Girls
Styling By: @XoNayimaXo
Directed By: @Jxnny5

Justene Jaro’s beauty comes from a mix of  half Filipina and half Puerto Rican ancestry.  Her nickname is Ting. Though she was born in the Philippines, she was raised in Atlanta, GA.

She wrote on Twitter: “I do what I want.”

Justene Jaro got into modeling by pure luck. Someone tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “Hey, wanna be on a cover of a magazine?” She said, “I was like, F-yeah!  But I wasn’t sure if it was real. Come to find out it was.” She made her debut cover on D-Sport Magazine.

As for future projects, she said she’d be working on “whatever is given to me — I’m no picky bitch.” She thinks she stands out from other models because “I’m fearless and versatile. There isn’t much I wouldn’t try.”

When asked what her ultimate career goal in life, Justene Jaro  said, “I really wanna win the lottery.” As far as guys, she likes “cool confidence. I need someone to keep me intrigued but secure. I also pay close attention to posture.” She added, “I don’t kiss and tell.” For women, she said, “I believe all women are beautiful in their own ways.”

A bit of trivia: on an average day, she wears a “wife beater, jeans or spandex and my hair in a bun. I’m a lazy chick.”  Her best Halloween costume was when she was 4. “My mom dressed me as a devil, and as an adult I’ve turned into one.”  As for her preference in drinks, she said, “If it contains liquor, I’ll sip it.”

Justene Jaro now calls Atlanta, Georgia home and loves the “southern hospitality, good food and amazing music!”

WSHH iCandy Justene Jaro – The Weeknd – Glass Table Girls

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