The Load Warrior Fuck Hard

The Load Warrior

A Rough, Raw, Futuristic Adventure… Where Sex is Man’s Only Weapon, and His Seed is the Only Way to Survive!
The time is the future. An earth laid waste by the ultimate cloud of destruction. Those humans who have managed to survive have created a world of raw, primitive, animal lust and depravity, with acts and devices that stagger the imagination. For one purpose. To say alive. The inhabitants of this violent hell are Missy (Gail ) who uses her awesome body to extract every ounce of precious semen from her stud Cow (Randy West) to replenish the diminishing supply of this life giving substance. That is, until Moore (Peter North_ arrives on the scene. By some miracle his load is untainted by the destructive cloud’s poison, and his knowledge of how men used to have sex. Macho fulness and supremacy, makes Missy and the other female warriors vie for his body. But Humongous (Lois Ayres) the formidable, foxy and ferocious Queen is determined to have him for herself. Will she win? The odds and her foes, the equally determined wild women of the land are stacked against her. And stacked is the right world for Wilde (Sharon Mitchel) a man-killer in every sense of the word and Wett (Angel Kelly) a cuddly, cunning cobra and Willow (Krystal Lane) a tempting tigress whose tongue can drain a man dry.

Genre: Action, Classic, Feature, Porn DVD, Vintage

Director: Caballero Home Video

Actors: Angel Kelly, Gail, Jesse Eastern, Krista Lane, Lois Ayres, Peter North, Randy West, Sharon Mitchell

Country: USA

Duration: 1 hrs. 19 mins

Quality: DVD

Release: 1986,2006

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