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Teacher Dominations

Teacher Dominations Adult Movie

Gracie May Green – is feeling bullied, but luckily a kind teacher knows how to make her feel better. Riley Star – accidentally sends nude selfies to her teacher and will do anything to keep him silent. Darcie Bell – knows how to thank the substitute teacher that helps her hide from the principal. Miley Cole – catches her teacher jerking off and finds it so hot that she loses all self control.

My Daddy’s Point Of View 3

My Daddy’s Point Of View 3 Adult Movie

Athena Rayne is doing the splits when her stepdaddy walks in the room. Watching her, he’s overcome by an intense desire to reach out and touch her. Athena tells him not to touch her but to his delight she adds “not unless you ask me first!” with an invitation like that this naughty stepdad dives right in and gives young Athena a drilling she’ll never forget! Lexi Brooke has a crush on her mom’s new husband. She thinks she’s being subtle, but he reprimands her for hitting on him. Not one to accept defeat easily, Lexi puts her hands down her pants, but this time her stepdad shoves his dick down her mouth. Later, he finds her playing with herself in the hot tub and realizes he needs the full “Lexi experience”! Gabriela Lopez “My stepdad is such a dick. I get home late, and he is a huge asshole about it. I leave my clothes around, and he’s up my ass! But I know he has a secret. He loves playing around with rope. I told him all I wanted was the keys to his car, but I really want him to fuck me silly and I know how to get exactly what I want!” Chloe Temple “My mom is such a bitch, I am not gonna keep living under her roof! I will show up at my ex-stepdad’s front door and ask him to take me in. He’s so sexy I’ll do anything he asks as long as I can crash there. Maybe I will show my stepdaddy how good I am at sucking cock. I cannot wait to see the look on his face when I make him cum!”

My Little Schoolgirl Vol. 4 - Porn Movie

My Little Schoolgirl Vol. 4 – Porn Movie

Chloe Scott fue pillada fumando en la escuela por uno de sus maestros. Después de una conversación violenta, él le dice que hay algo mucho mejor que fumar: ¡ su pene! ¡ Chloe quiere saber todo sobre Dick y vencer a toda la clase! Bailey Brooke falló su RCP y le rogó a su maestro que le diera otra oportunidad. ¡ él aceptó, pero esta vez Bailey le dio su boca para resucitación resucitación! Su maestro se sorprendió al principio, pero pronto se dio cuenta de que su técnica era la mejor que jamás sintió.

My Little Schoolgirl Vol. 3 XXX

My Little Schoolgirl Vol. 3 – XXX DVD

My Little Schoolgirl Vol. 3 XXX DVD. Lily Jordan gets her phone taken away. Her teacher makes her stay after to discuss her behavior and he then reveals he’s seen her nude selfies on her phone. He tells her he’s going to talk to her mom unless she gives up the puss! Guess what she chooses?
Olivia Lua finds herself hogtied and naked in the locker room, a victim of cheerleader hazing. The janitor finds her this way and she begs him to release her, but this guy knows a good thing when he sees one! Watch him pound that young cheerleader pussy!
Makenna Blue has trouble making friends, so she went to her counselor for help. He advised her to open up a little. Makenna took this as an invitation and made her move. She took his dick in her mouth with a smile. At least she has one friend now!
Geneva King is not doing well in class. When her teacher demands a parent conference, Geneva dresses up like her mom. “Mrs. King” promises that if the teacher loosens up on Geneva, she’ll make it worth his while. This way, everyone gets what they want!

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My Little Schoolgirl Vol. 2 – XXX DVD

My Little Schoolgirl Vol. 2 – Porn Movie
Studio: Innocent High
Series: My Little Schoolgirl
Pornstars: Emma Hix, Audrey Royal, Allora Ashlyn, Dolly Leigh, Jenna Reid, Mercedes Carrera
Category: Adult DVD, 18+ Schoolgirls, 18+ Teens, All Sex, Teachers

Slutty Times At Innocent High 9

Slutty Times At Innocent High 9 (2016) – High Rated Sexofilm

Slutty Times At Innocent High 9

Angel Smalls – Wanted to be in the same class as her boyfriend but Mr. Remington thought it was a bad idea. But when she got on her knees and started sucking his cock, this teacher realized the benefits of having her in his class!

Cadence Carter – This young girl sneaks off from her class tour of the White House to get a peak of the Oval Office. When she’s caught by a Secret Service Agent, she learns all about the give and take that goes on in the White House!

Cassidy Banks – What’s a teacher to do when his favorite student assistant comes back from summer vacation with a newly blossomed rack?! And when Cassidy catches him staring, she encourages him to get all touchy-feely!

Gabriella Ford – When she gets caught giving a student a BJ, Gabriella, hoping to avoid punishment, has to promise to swallow her teacher’s cock too! But this teacher wants more than her mouth… he wants to fill her tight pussy too!

Jessie Young – Needs a reference from her teacher but she never comes to class! When he asks what’s in it for him, she let’s him know he can put it in her! She lets him fill her mouth and pussy and shower her firm body with his warm load!