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Watch this free mobile porn video! Hot Blondes Party Up Making Out And Pussy Licking For GFRevenge. These frat girlfriend party pictures are a GF Revenge treasure. The taller babe that you see was the girlfriend of a jock frat boy in college. The two would party and fuck like crazy. These pics actually came from before they met. She wanted him to see them and get an idea for how hot she was. He was all about it, so he saved them to his computer. Well, when frat boy found out she was cheating on him, he sent them straight to GF Revenge. Now, we’ve seen frat girlfriend party pictures in our day, but absolutely none are as hot as these. The pics here could have you going for weeks.

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A huge, stiff cock might be the only thing in the world that you could tempt a girl with in order to get her off the phone. This petite blonde was full engaged in a conversation with her girlfriend when her man busted into the room with his new camera rolling. After a little bit of sweet talking, this girl couldn’t help herself. She said goodbye to her friend on the other line in order to reach out and touch that dick. Once she started deep-throating that cock, there was no turning back. He proceeded to fuck her doggy style until she couldn’t handle it anymore. This guy’s submission letter goes into all types of details as to way he broke up with this outrageous babe but it isn’t our place to spread nasty rumors. Instead, we’ll let you use your imagination and ask you to keep the most important thing in mind; we have the video!

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These two sexy amateurs make their own tiny denim shorts with scissors, then both suck and fuck the lucky guy holding the camera in this hot update from GF Revenge! This video is evidence as to why these shorts are so dangerous. Imagine if they wore these in public. Guys might beat themselves up for a chance to talk to these girls. But it doesn’t get that far this time. Watch as these two coochies get torn up by the one monster cock lucky enough to film them.

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Here’s a cute amateur teen girl in the kitchen sucking all the whipped cream out of a can. I don’t know her name but she’s a girl from GF Revenge. She’s totally naked and then her bf comes in and taking pictures of her. She has nice perky tits and tight ass and body. This 19 year old girlfriend spreads her legs on the kitchen counter and shows off her really tight and shaved amateur pussy while her bf is snapping many nude pics. Then she begins sucking his cock and he is eating her pussy too. Then he sticks his hard cock into that pussy and they are having some awesome ex girlfriend amateur sex! (Yes guys, there is vids of this scene!) Then he cums all over her lower back. See more of this sexy GF Revenge teen giving a great blowjob, deepthroating hard cock and then having hot amateur sex on this amateur sex video. We always encourage our submitters to tell us why they broke up with their girlfriends whenever they send in a video, but sometimes the stories are just too heartbreaking to tell. Take this week’s submitter for example. He explained that he was with this girl for several years and she meant everything to him. They had a terrible break up and at one point, he even started watching this video obsessively. It just wasn’t healthy. So, he sent it to us and vowed to never watch it again. Instead, he wants to give it as a gift to all the GF Revenge fans. We accept!

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I have for a you some girls wearing some super sexy leather hot pants. The one tall blonde girl (the hot one) her name is Macy Cartel. She has been in a couple of porn videos but this one from GF Revenge is the best fuck she has ever had for sure!

Hot Pants are back with a vengeance on this week’s GFRevenge submission. This guy’s ex-girlfriend was always a ton of fun in bed, but when he started filming her and her friend before going out one night, he never imagined what it would lead to. He was just planning on getting some sexy footage of the girls in their tight Hot Pants, but one thing lead to another and before you know it, things got wild. Watch this guy as he burns his bridges and burns this girls’ reputations at the same time.

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You’ve never been on a field trip like this before. 6 smoking-hot, college-aged babes throw on the camp sporting equipment and hit the bus for the ride of our lives. But before they take off, they have no problem giving us a little taste of what’s in store. These ladies flash us their amazing asses while in single file against the school bus. From there, we get on board for plenty of hot titty and pussy flashing action. While the wheels on the bus go round and round, these ladies go finger deep into each other. They make out, suck each others titties and lick on one anothers hot, wet pussies. This is one insane GFR update you do not want to miss! Enjoy.

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This little hottie shakes her amazing ass in the car for us. Her BF just makes the suggestion, and she starts stripping. First, she pops out her nice perky titties. Then, she takes off her pants to reveal that amazing ass of hers. Finally, the panties come off, and we get a full view of her nice, tight pussy. Our submitter, Jon, tells us the couple’s story. This was shot in his car while they were parked one afternoon. Jon suggested she strip, and she’d never done it before, but got hot when she saw he was filming. They dated and lived together for 2 years. When it ended, they couldn’t just go their ways cause they were stuck in a lease. So they had to live together in the same apartment for almost a month. In that time, she had guys over and fucked them loud so he could hear from the other room. But Jon didn’t get mad. He just got even.

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Here is a scene from GF Revenge were a girl helps her friend shave her pussy so her boyfriend can fuck her and she is such a good friend she films it! HOW THIS VIDEO GOT LEAKED: In His Submission Letter, He Mentioned He Wasn’t In A Real Relationship With Either Of The Girls, But He Would Bang The Cute Blonde On A Regular Basis. As You’ll See In This Video, Neither One Of The Girls Are Very Shy About Being On Camera. However, Even Though The Brunette Friend Was Okay With Watching The Two Have Sex For A While, Once It Gets Too Hardcore, She Takes Off. But, That Didn’t Stop Our Submitter From Finishing The Deed While Doing A Great Job Of Catching It All On Video. Our Submitter Mentions That He Still Sees This Blonde From Time To Time And She Even Stays Over His House Every Once In A While. He Says He Hopes To Send In More Videos Soon, Hopefully With One Of Her Friends In The Mix Too. We Can’t Wait. After All, This Incredible Video Was Good Enough To Be GFR’s Submission Of The Week!