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Semi Nude Chick Walking The Streets In Body-Painted Jeans


Imagine yourself walking on the streets and there is a chick passing by you wearing super tight jeans. Will you stare? Of course you will, that is just in our nature. But what if those jeans weren’t the real jeans and chick is acutally semi nude? Will your jaw drop? Probably.
One day in Lille, France Marie Przybylski teamed up with this female model to use her professional body-painting skills on her body. The challenge was to paint the most realistic Diesel jeans on her legs and see how people will react on the streets. Model was semi nude, wearing only white thongs and the rest was up to Marie. Przybylski did an amazing job with the painted on jeans, making them look very realistic.
When the body painting was done, model dressed up, took a cig and went to the streets. While passing by many people it seems like they were not starring that much actually. It looks like many of them didn’t even notice she is not wearing real jeans, but being semi nude in painted on ones. Oh, except that guy in the back in white T-shirt, he just could no get enough of semi nude body painted wearing girl.
We know French people are very open to everything, so maybe this is the reason what people were not hungry starring at model’s jeans. I am quite sure the result would be completely different the test would be put in my home town. People would go mad and everyone would take pictures.

How cool would it be seeing more semi nude people walking by you?

I know I would love it. I am really amazed every single time I see a body painted girl. Not only because she is half naked, but only because I really admire the work of body-painters.
So sexy.

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Semi Nude Chick Walking The Streets In Body-Painted Jeans