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Top 10: PornHub Pornstars (2018)

Top 20: PornHub Pornstars (2019)

  The underrated, famous and hottest PornHub.com pornstars.   I have been working with various pornstars for most of my life, and even I have a hard time finding new talent. There are over...

Top 10: Fit and Athletic Pornstars (2018)

Top 20: Fit and Athletic Pornstars (2019)

Ask someone to name their perfect pornstar and you will heart the usual: larger than average boobs, round ass (tiny or huge) and then it all depends on your taste for hair colors and ethnicities. Only when you replace word pornstar with girlfriend, do we get another quality added: she must be fit. It’s totally bizarre how we automatically classify pornstars as fit by default, without adding much thought into it. It never occurred to me that there is a separate group of athletic female actresses in the porn business that look so much better than the average slut. Ever wondered how do crossfit pornstars or people fuck? What about bodybuilders or fitness models?

Top 10: Celebrity Pornstar Lookalikes (2018)

Top 20: Celebrity Pornstar Lookalikes (2019)

Sometimes alternatives are much better than the real deal, and same can be said about celebrity pornstar lookalikes. Every other year there is another celebrity sex tape leaked, but it happens so rarely that waiting for your own favorite actress to get her porn video exposed feels like watching the paint dry.

Top 10: Pornstars with Pierced Pussy and Clit (2018)

Top 20: Pornstars with Pierced Pussy or Clit (2019)

We love Jada and her majestic ass, it’s like the creation of the God himself, who decided to create it for his own pleasure. Probably got tired of fucking random holy virgins and wanted something spicy and fun. Yes, you won’t see a fucking clit ring in this scene, but she does have one and look at that beautiful anal scene. For me, this is the hottest scene and one of the hotter pornstars out there, so a win in my book.

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