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We Live Together - Thrust and Lust

We Live Together – Thrust and Lust – Watch Free

Luna Star took her new roommate, Valentina Nappi out to her show her what L.A. had to offer. Valentina was an exchange student from Italy. She was thick and banging. They took some pictures out and about, but Luna wanted pictures of them that were little more private. She grabbed her boobs with a big smile as the first couple pics were taken. Valentina got fresh and lifted up her shirt, but Luna got real shy and blushed. Luna let those huge cans out for a view to thrill though. The camera started to to really go off after that. They both were showing off the goods and then Valentina stepped the game up a notch. She asked Luna if she wanted to eat her pussy since she had her face right there. Luna dove in for a taste test. This playful camera time turned into a heated pussy munch session. They really got each other wet as the slobbered all over each other. Valentina even went three fingers deep. This hot Italian exchange student exchanged more than her culture with Luna. [Watch Trailer]
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Cast: Luna Star, Valentina Nappi

Luna Leve in Street Blowjobs - Gimme Some Head

Street Blowjobs – Gimme Some Head (2016)

Luna Leve in Street Blowjobs video: Gimme Some Head – Free HD Premium Video

Luna Leve was spotted walking the beat in the neighborhood. Her little shorts were creeping up her butt, so her cheeks were saying hello to the world. She had some thick legs with a plump rump. Thankfully, someone in another car was trying to get by. It made the decision easier for her to get in, so the negotiations could continue. It didn’t take long after for her to agree on a price. Once we settled in the house, her clothes came off, and she gagged on the cock. She tried and tried, but couldn’t get it all the way down her throat. She did get a mouthful of balls with no problems though. Her big ass was a delight to see bent over and pounded. Once she had a man mess all over her, she got her money, and another girl was pick off the streets and tossed in the sheets. [Watch Trailer]
Date: Sunday, February 14, 2016
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Cast: Luna Leve

Monster Curves - Office Fling

Ryan Smiles in Monster Curves: Office Fling (2016)

Monster Curves – Office Fling

It was another boring day at the office for Ryan Smiles until she decided to spice things up by pulling up her skirt and sitting on the copy machine! What came out was a work of pussy art. Then it got really good when she put it on her boss desk and sat down to watch his reaction. A few minutes later he was getting a blowjob in on cubicle as his oblivious coworkers went about their business. Things only got better as Ryan crawled into a meeting, huge ass and all to get more of that dick. Don’t miss the entertaining action in this new Monster Curves!

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Cast: Ryan Smiles

Dancer Tryout- Nicolle Knight & Jaida Starr (Sisters From London U

Dancer Tryout- Nicolle Knight & Jaida Starr (Sisters From London U.K)

This footage is from SPIC’N SPANISH RELOADED, a late night NYC public

Nicolle Knight is a Centerfold from United Kingdom. She was born in London. Trained in method acting, Nicole has played various roles working in local theaters, commercials,and film. for educational videos. Nicole has studied from and worked with other actors/directors like John Riggs, Fred Newman, and Carol Cain. Johns Riggs and Carol Cain personally helped hone Nicole’s talent. Nicole later went on to study arts and literature in college. Nicole is still involved in acting classes and Arnis martial arts training to expand the diversity of her roles. Nicole started her career when appearing on WGTV News. Nicole later went on to model clothing and make-up at the local mall. Nicole was also in chorus and has performed in multiple concerts. Nicole was a Disc Jockey for over two years. Nicole has been cast as a supporting role in an instructional video for future college students. Nicole stopped acting to get her nursing license but the desire to perform never subsided. Nicole has now realized her true dream and is taking the steps to be great. Nicole’s other list of talents include horseback riding and running. Nicole use to own horses and is familiar and comfortable with caring and handling them. Nicole is a trained long distance runner and uses this same drive in her everyday life.

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