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Hustler Present This Ain't Fast & Furious XXX: This Is A Parody

This Ain’t Fast & Furious XXX: This Is A Parody Porn Movie

This Ain’t Fast & Furious XXX by director Andre Madness for Hustler Video fell way short when it came to the feature elements and the sexual trysts were fairly generic on most levels but this would qualify as the “Super Creepy Rob Lowe” version of the movie going straight to late night cable on the Hustler channel, fair enough a look at the popular show to merit a respectable Rent It on a slow night during the middle of the week. The music was pretty solid and the ladies all looked suitably slutty but it looked cobbled together on a low budget almost the entire time, making This Ain’t Fast & Furious XXX the latest parody based more on the name than anything else.

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