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Audrey Bitoni in I Have a Wife 1

Audrey Bitoni in I Have a Wife

Audrey Bitoni & Johnny Castle in I Have a Wife

Johnny’s car breaks down in a remote, reception-less area, so he’s forced to knock on a door to ask someone to use their landline so he can call a mechanic. He does so, and after he makes the call, he realizes that the nice and sexy woman who so kindly allowed him into her home is none other than porn star Audrey Bitoni! Starstruck, he tells her that he and his wife are huge fans of hers, and fuck to her videos all the time. Audrey’s not only flattered, but turned on, and to bide his time while he waits for a tow truck, she entertains his wildest fantasy of fucking her and her big tits.

Porn stars: Audrey Bitoni , Johnny Castle
Who: Actress, Stranger
Where: Couch, Living room
Categories: American, Ass licking, Big Fake Tits, Blow Job, Brown Eyes, Brunette, Facial, Innie Pussy, Medium Ass, Petite, Shaved, Titty Fucking