Catwoman Super-Heroine Fetish Parody

Watch Catwoman Super-Heroine Fetish Parody

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The story takes place between two fellow agents who work for the same agency. Anastasia is insanely jealous of Jean who seems to be getting all the credit at the agency with her full security clearance.

Anastasia sets up a trap to get rid off Jean and to replace her as Catwoman once for all. But she has no idea what is about to take place and how her plan is going to backfire on her…

Here’s a new video from Anastasia Pierce, creator of the recent and popular  The Perils of Princess LEIA. This one is called  Catwoman vs. Harley Quinn, Liquid Metal Peril, Electric Mind Control & Alter Egos  (full title). Check out a few preview images and more information below.

Genre: All Girl, BDSM, Bondage, Cosplay, Directed by Women, Domination, Female Domination, Fetish, Lesbian, Latex & Leather Items, Parodies, Parody, Popular with Women, Sex Toy Play, Strap-Ons, Superhero

Director: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Actors: Anastasia Pierce, Crystal Clark, Jean Bardot

Country: USA

Duration: 01:17:00

Quality: DVD

Release: 2015

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(Spoiler alert! Do not read the summary
under the video preview if you want to be surprised!)

The two women meet at Anastasia’s apartment to discuss agency business matter. Jean has no idea she is walking into a trap. After a much heated discussion with overinflated egos, lots of catty attitude and eye rolling, Jean finds herself drugged by Anastasia and she passes out.

Anastasia proceeds makes sure she is out and proceeds to undress her to find out traces of her super-heroine alter ego (Catwoman) but when she finds nothing she leaves for Jean’s place.

Jean wakes up undressed and encased in a nylon cocoon from the neck down. She is trapped and struggles to get free helplessly. Then, Anastasia enters the room dressed as Catwoman, Jean becomes infuriated: “How could she steal her super-heroine alter ego!”

Anastasia prance and gloats in her new Catwoman outfit. She is determined to take Jean’s place and let the world know that she is now the NEW Catwoman. She just has to get rid off Jean first. Anastasia explains she plan to erase Jean’s mind by completely frying it!!!

Anastasia installs a metal head cage around Jean’s head, attached to a circuit board and plugged into a capacitor. Once turned on the capacitor will be storing an electrical charge big enough to reverse and fry Jean’s brain for ever.

What ever was good will now be bad, and what was bad will now be good. The effect can not be reverse!

Jean is left to her fate and unfortunately the struggling in the nylon cocoon continues to get transferred to the capacitor and soon Jean will loose her brain and the polarity of her brain cells will be fried and altered for ever!!!

Jean manages to escape and returns as a villain. She has become: Harley Quinn. And Harley is looking for vengance!

She will catch Catwoman by surprise and knock her out. And then it is Catwoman’s turn to see a dark light at the end of the tunnel…

Harley is about to transform her into a human statue by pouring liquid Gold all over her. And there is no getting out. The liquid metal will slowly solidify and trap her into gold forever and ever!

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman, Jean Bardot as Harley Quinn, shiny pantyhose, amazing and authentic super-heroine costumes, SHIP, attitude, heated conversations, parody, cosplay, humiliation, Interrogation, unconscious, undressing, liquid metal, knock out, bondage, nylon cocoon, nylon encasement, struggling, electricity, brain control, brain fried, super villain, super heroine, mind control, mind alteration, paralysis, alter ego, human statue, liquid gold, super-heroine in distress with bondage and humiliation.

A big THANK YOU! to Angela Sommers, who is the one who came up with this version of the “Liquid Metal” as one of her “trick” during her stage show performances, Mistress Jean Bardot has had her own version with milk for quite some time.

ALSO; THIS VIDEO is a RARE OPPORTUNITY to see Mistress Jean Bardot in BONDAGE…. Full time Mistress and professional Dominatrix tied up… that made me happy!

The video is great for those who enjoy wet and messy peril
Those who enjoy nylon encasement and pantyhose and for anyone who is looking for an entertaining story with women with WAY too much EGO.

Alright that wraps it up for now. Enjoy!!!

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Watch Catwoman Super-Heroine Fetish Parody Porn