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Free Watch and Download Blacked Raw V7 XXX Video Instantly from Blacked Raw

Free Watch and Download Blacked Raw V7  XXX Video Instantly from Blacked Raw

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Studio: Blacked Raw
Series: Blacked Raw V
Director: Greg Lansky
Porn Stars: Brett Rossi, Cash (III), Greg Lansky, Jason Luv, Marley Brinx, Piper Perri, Samantha Saint
Categories: All Sex, Blowjob, Big Cocks, Interracial, Prebooks, Películas en Español, vídeos en Español, Vídeos XXX, Mamadas, Rubias, Porn Movies, Coño Depilado, Tetas Naturales, Sexo Oral, Jovencitas.
Released: 2018
Length: 2 hrs. 26 mins.

Movie Blacked Raw V7

Scene 1:  Brett Rossi and Jason Luv

Brett Rossi is on a trip to the West Coast without her boyfriend and she really misses him. She keeps calling him and leaving him messages, but he never calls her back. Finally, Brett gets fed up. She calls one last time and leaves him a message, telling him he better fucking call her back. She doesn’t deserve this. He does this to her every time she goes out of town. Jason overhears her and asks her who she’s fussing at. Brett apologizes as says she just needs a drink and she’ll be fine. Jason tells her the bar is closed, but she’s welcome to come up to his room for a drink if she wants. Jason walks away. Brett thinks about his offer and about the way her boyfriend has been treating her. She takes Jason up on his offer and joins him in his room for drinks. She loves the hip-hop music playing and watches him roll his weed for a smoke. It’s not long before Brett is under Jason’s spell. They start kissing on the couch and soon she is sucking and choking on his big dick, trying to fit it in her mouth. She licks up and down the shaft, keeping it lubed then lies back in total surrender as Jason lashes her clit with his tongue. She creams in his mouth from the sensation.

Brett bends over on the couch on all fours, doggy style. Jason drives his big dick in her tight pussy from behind. She’s so tight, he has to take his time, working his cock deeper and deeper inside Brett’s twat. She closes her eyes and tells him to stretch her pussy out more which causes Jason to send every inch of his dick deep inside Brett’s wet pussy. She moans and giggles, gripping the sides of the chair and telling him to keep his dick right there. He eats her wet pussy on the dining table, making Brett’s body quiver. She cums again from his tongue gymnastics. He drills her pussy some more, making her cum on the table. She tastes her pussy off his dick then drinks champagne and spits it all over his balls. She sucks a champagne cock then lies in bed for deep missionary dick drilling. The downward doggy takes the form of long, slow strokes and Brett’s pussy succumbs. She takes control of the doggy fucking, slamming her body back and forth against his, wrapping her pussy walls around his dick. This makes Jason cum. He pulls out quickly and pops in Brett’s mouth, filling it with cum. Brett gets up and says she’s got to leave.

Scene 2: Piper Perri and Cash Boss

The petite Piper Perri is having a great time with Cash. It’s her first time going out in a long time and she loves the attention she’s getting, kissing and hugging on the street as they stroll around. Back at his place, she gets ready to take the Boss’ cock and can’t contain her excitement. She’s recording a selfie of this experience and films him kissing her and sucking on her nipples. Piper starts sucking his cock, admiring the size of it compared to her tiny little mouth. He returns the oral favor by eating her pussy and making her wet. He finger fucks her while tongue lashing her clit then pins her in missionary position and stuffs her tiny tight pussy with his big hard rod. Cash pumps her twat slow and deep, filling her up. He picks up the pace, pumping her cunt harder, deeper, and faster. “It feels so good,” Piper mumbles.

He picks her up and carries her to the kitchen island where he eats her pussy then fucks it missionary style. Piper lies on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the island for some throat fucking that shows just how big Cash’s cock really is as she tries to take it down her throat. He carries her to the bedroom next and this time Piper bounces up and down on his pole cowgirl style. She tastes her pussy off his dick then gets fucked reverse cowgirl style. She does a short round of cowgirl again before screaming for Cash’s black cock missionary style. “I can feel it in my fucking uterus,” Piper screams. “Pound that fucking cunt,” she says, making Cash slam her hole. Doggy and downward doggy back to back make Piper cum. “That is so big,” she moans as Cash drills her pussy with his big black cock. “Cum inside my pussy,” Piper screams. Cash fucks her twat then pops inside her, filling her up with jizz. He watches it ooze out of her stretched hole.

Scene 3: Samantha Saint and Cash Boss

Samantha has had a great time at dinner with Cash Boss, and later that night at his place, she gets ready to turn up the heat with him. She films herself in the bathroom getting ready and walking up to Cash then she lands a big kiss on his lips. She pulls down her top, inviting him to suck on her big boobs then Samantha drops to her knees to suck on his big dick. She continues to record the whole thing using her phone as she spits all over Cash’s cock, getting it hard and wet. “Get that black cock hard,” Cash tells her. Samantha jerks it with both hands, bobbing up and down on his shaft. She moans as she gulps and gags on his pole. “Your cock is so fucking big,” she tells him as she tries to fit it down her throat. The moment has come for Samantha to host the Boss’ big black cock in her cunt.

He throws her on the bed then starts fucking her pussy missionary style. “Go slow, slow, slow,” she whispers to Cash. “That feels so fucking good,” she says as Cash’s cock glides in and out of her warm, wet pussy, stretching it out more and more. The fucking gets passionate between these two as she caresses his body and kisses him while he drills her. She grips his muscles and closes her eyes in pleasure. “This dick feels good to you, doesn’t it,” Cash says. “You’re gonna make me fucking cum,” Samantha moans. She creams all over his cock then says she wants to ride it. Cash lies down and watches her put his big dick in her cunt cowgirl style. He grips her big ass cheeks and bounces her up and down on his thick pipe. He spanks her ass and spreads her pussy as she screams, “fuck me!” She cums again then takes more dick banging doggy style. They transition to downward doggy and there are some hot shots of Samantha’s pussy taking the Boss’ dick punishment. All that banging hits the spot for Samantha, making her cum again. Cash drills her twat missionary style until he pops, pulling out and blowing his load in Samantha’s mouth and on her face. “Let’s go get ourselves cleaned up,” she tells him after swallowing his load. The scene ends with the two in a passionate embrace in the shower.

Scene 4: Marley Brinx and Jason Luv

Marley stars in the final scene of the flick with BBC stud Jason Luv and she gets both her pussy and ass hole impaled by black cock. When the scene opens, Marley and Jason are walking down a busy street at night when Marley’s boyfriend texts her. He wonders what she’s doing. She tells him she’s not feeling well, but the truth is she’s about to fuck Jason and she plans to let him fuck her in the ass. Marley wastes no time starting her night of hot sex. She follows Jason back to his place and in no time, she’s admiring his tattooed body and licking his cock. “I can’t wait to feel it inside of him,” she tells him right before putting his hard prick in her mouth and sucking it. Marley kneels and looks up at him, jerking his long pole with both hands and attempting to swallow it all. She licks and sucks his balls then wraps her lips around his shaft again, slurping on his cock. Marley couldn’t wait to fuck him in the bedroom, so she’s sucking him off in the kitchen, and she can’t wait for him to fuck her. He picks her up and sits her on the table and sucks on her tits then fucks her face as she lies on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the table. “You like that big dick down your throat,” Jason asks her as he stuffs her face with it.

Marley gets nasty and eats Jason’s ass and sucks his balls while he sits on her face. Now, she’s ready to be fucked. She opens her legs up missionary style as he pulls her close to the edge of the table. He plugs her tight pussy with his prick, drilling it and out. Her pussy cream covers his hard cock as he penetrates her twat deeper and deeper. “It’s all the way in my stomach,” Marley says. Jason keeps pumping her wet pussy, holding one of her legs over his shoulder while he drives deep inside her. “My holes are all yours,” Marley moans in pleasure.

Jason picks her up and bounces her up and down on his dick in a standing cowgirl motion, carrying her to the bedroom where she gets in doggy position and asks to be fucked some more. He bangs her twat and thumbs her ass hole, sending Marley into total submission. “I’m all yours,” she says. She wants him to use all her holes. The sensation of his cock stretches her pussy out is giving Marley goosebumps all over. She wants him to use her ass hole next. Jason sticks his dick in her anal cavity, opening it up doggy style. He thrusts in and out of her ass, massaging her sphincter. She wants a taste of her ass, so she sucks him off in ass-to-mouth fashion before riding him cowgirl style, taking more cock up her tiny, tight ass hole. After more ass-to-mouth cock sucking, Marley rides his dick in reverse cowgirl up her bum, screaming in pleasure with each rectum-stretching stroke. “You fuck me so good in the ass,” she says. Missionary up Marley’s ass is next, and it turns her ass into a pink, wet, gaping hole. Jason drills deep in her cavity, feeding her tight ass. She squeezes his balls as his shaft disappears in her pooper. He finishes her gaping ass hole off doggy style, stuffing it full of cum in a thick creampie. He pulls out and his load oozes out onto the bed. Marley turns around and licks his cum off the sheets, promising to do this more often with him.

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