Unfaithful Wives 2 (2014) Adult Dvd

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Unfaithful Wives 2 (2014)

Studio: Porn Pros

Series: Unfaithful Wives

Starring: Cherie De Ville, Alektra Blue, Cherie DeVille, Romi Rain, Tiffany Tyler, Heather Vaughn

Starring Alektra Blue!

Not All Wives Cheat. Just The Hot Ones!

Yeah, we feel bad for the hard working husband whose wife cheats on him but then we get to watch XXX sex this hot, we just can’t bring ourselves to feel too bad!

A Name In Porn You Can Trust!

Not all wives cheat. Just the hot ones.Yeah, we feel bad for the hardworking husband whose wife cheats on him, but when we get to watch XXX sex this hot, we just can’t bring ourselves to feel too bad.

Guess the Infidelity!

I have my issues with unfaithfulness. Don’t you? I mean, I want to stand for honesty and truth, and I want everyone to do the same, but then there’s the possibility that Heather Vaughn might spot me at the Panda Express and realize how empty her current relationshoip is but how much trouble it would be to get out of it, and so the only option would be to have a clandestine but incendiary affair with me. See? the world is full of moral ambiguities. Fortunately for my sense of ethics, no-one in this movie appears to be actually cheating — it’s just five sex scenes with no context or even dialogue. If you were going to get off on the idea that these girls are doing someone wrong in a relationship, you might want to move on, but if you just like good sex, come on in.

Unfaithful Wives 2I’m not sure how Alektra Blue is being unfaithful — she blindfolds a guy who comes into the house and says “I’m home!”, which would kind of indicate that he lives there. Maybe she is being unfaithful to some higher ideal or principle. It’s hard to say, but she shows him a good time, and even if she’s not his wife, he uses her like he has a right to. For a blowjob like that, I might overlook some ideals too.

Unfaithful Wives 2Cherie DeVille is pretty aggressive, and I am going to assume she is betraying the Party. Porn isn’t usually too subtle for me, but maybe I’m missing something here. Cherie just looks like another girl — a hot one, and worth watching, but not an especially faithless one. She seems like a nice girl, though — if she is cheating on someone, I’m sure she has a good reason.

Unfaithful Wives 2Heather Vaughn puts me in mind of Bjork, who as far as I know is not a cheater. Maybe Heather is betraying her artistic ideals by sleeping with a producer to get a contract. Whatever is going on with her and her man, it is at least a little more redolent of infidelity. there is something of the hotel room tryst about this scene, although it says more high-class whore than cheating wife to me. Still, none of us would kick her out of bed. Not with those tits, anyway. A shape like that makes up for a multitude of sins, and unfaithfulness is one of them.

Unfaithful Wives 2Tiffany Tyler was just trying to have a private moment  with her vibrator. and then this guy comes in and distracts her with his big ol’ dick. She is cheating on her Rabbit! She doesn’t seem to be undergoing any great trauma about it, though — she casts it aside callously and takes to the new guy like it was no thing at all. Poor Rabbit. It’s better off anyway — it deserves someone who will treat it like it deserves.

Unfaithful Wives 2Romi Rain and her guy — look, I don’t know any other way to say this. She’s not being especially unfaithful unless I am missing something monumentally clever here. She’s a hot girl with tattoos, he’s a scruffy guy with a hard dick. You’re going to have to make up your own scenario here, because I’ve got nothing. There’s no dialogue, no mise en scene, nothing but fucking. Apply your guilty conscience to this blank canvas — it’s a Rorschach blot of a scene. Who do you think she’s cheating on, and why? Maybe I’ll give a prize for the most interesting theory.

 Unfaithful Wives 2 Adult DVD

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