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The Private Gladiator #1 Private Porn Movie

The Private Gladiator #1 Private Porn Parody Movie

Hardcore Action

A high-budget costume trilogy. Maximus (Toni Ribas), the hero, is a Roman general who defeats the barbarians and is declared successor to the aging Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Vice, corruption and evil plots thwart the hero’s plans for the future…

BatFXXX - Dark Night Parody XXX Movie

BatFXXX – Dark Night Parody XXX Movie

Spoof porn! The overrun, bleak dystopia of Gothard City has one stalwart protector: Bat Fuck. In his iconic cape and cowl, Billionaire Bruce defends the city from the scourge of crime. When the Joker steals Poison Ivy’s latest carnal creation to unleash on the unsuspecting population, only the dashing crime-fighter and his trusty assistants Robina & Bat Chick can save the day.

The Doctor Whore Porn Parody Film

The Doctor Whore Porn Parody XXX Movie

An XXX rated parody of the 2005 TV series Doctor Who.
A WoodRocket Original Porn Series.

Science fiction has never been this sexy! Explore the universe, from the deepest, tightest black holes all the way to Planet Queef, with the most infamous Sex Lord to ever travel through sex, time, and space, Doctor Whore. When the earth is attacked by the evil alien cum-collectors, the Cybersemen, the Doctor must save his slutty travel companions & his past self from genital upgrades! So get ready to Ex-sperm-inate in your pants because you’re in for the space ride of your life with Doctor Whore!

Wicked Pictures presents Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody XXX

Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody XXX Movie

Brad Armstrong has won so many awards over the years that I’ve lost count, his works for Wicked Pictures always interesting whether or not they are big or small. Seeing as how September is right around the corner, his block buster titles are coming out, the first of which is Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody.

Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody from Vivid

Spider-Man XXX A Porn Parody Movie

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is about to get caught in a web of sexual bliss! Will he be able to save the city from the evil menace of Electro and The Kingpin? Will he finally choose between Gwen and Mary Jane? Will he manage to resist the charm of The Black Widow?

A Very Adult Wednesday Addams XXX Parody -

A Very Adult Wednesday Addams Porn Parody

Join Joanna Angel and friends in this fun yet sexy parody on the Addams Family as a sultry Wednesday Addams fucks everything she comes into contact with. This is a Wednesday Addams that will spread her legs open just for you, so don’t miss out!!

Brazzers Presents ZZ Erection XXX Parody

ZZ Erection Porn Parody Movie

Making Porn Great Again.
Welcome to ZZ Erection 2016! Presidential candidates Hillary Clayton (Cherie DeVille) and Donald Drumpf (Charles Dera) square off in a televised debate. Soon their back and forth devolves into a firestorm of personal insults, and when Hillary challenges Drumpf’s manhood, the small-handed billionaire whips out his manhood and rams it down her throat, giving Hillary the most enjoyably thorough dicking she’s had in years!

Brazzers Presents: The Parodies 7 Pornstar Go XXX Movie

Brazzers Presents: The Parodies 7 Pornstar Go XXX Movie

Pornstar Go XXX Parody, She Wants My Dragon Balls! (XXX Parody), Oversnatch: A XXX Parody, Sex Fighter: Chun Li Vs. Cammy (XXX Parody), Sex Fighter: Vega Gets Vagina (XXX Parody), Bonus Scene with Romi Rain

Brazzers Presents The Parodies 6 XXX Movie

Brazzers Presents: The Parodies 6 XXX Movie

The Parodies 6 – Straight Outta Brazzers – Harley In The Nuthouse, Star Trexxx: The Captain’s Seed, XXX-Men: Shagging The Shapeshifter, XXX-Men: Psylocke Vs Magneto, Star Whores: Princess Lay