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Ass Teaser

Ass Teaser By Super Horny Teen

Roses are red, violets are blue, your lips taste like strawberry essence and your neck surely does too.

Outside it’s as chilly as jack’s frost cold breath, but here in my bed, we warm ourselves with the fiery heat of passion, to not know, it’s a fate worse than death.

On this cold night, in my grasp I have the object of my obsession, I praise you with kisses and lather you with my affection.

When the room goes dark, no means yes and stop means more, in this exact moment your the only thing I lust for.

I place my hand softly along your neck and your throat, pulling you closer, kissing, licking and sucking, were making music, I continue searching for the right musical note.

I lift up your shirt in search of Victoria’s Secret, instead I find two well endowed bosoms, each one of them a perfectly sized breast, I shove each one in my mouth, lick them, suck them and put them to the test.

Your body shutters as my teeth grit each nipple, you let out a moan, you try to push me away and tell me to leave you alone.

Your attempt to stop me, faint and meek, I bear down on your harder like a tsunami, I swear I can do this every night of the week.

Our lips interlock, our tongues wrestle like two snakes, you keep teasing me softly, it enrages me, but I love it, its time to ante up the stakes.

I undo my belt buckle, I see a curious fear in your eyes, the sexual tension is building, your eyes cant tell lies.

As I pin your body close to mine, I free my cock from bondage, a festering monster engorged with blood and fueled by lust, I place your hand on it, for me it’s now or never or go bust.

You stroke it gently at first and strangle it like an old lover, I continue to kiss, suck and bite you gently, im still searching for Vicky’s secret, its location i’ve yet to uncover.

As you touch me, all I want to do is spread your legs like hot butter, shove my tongue inside your temple, show you my worth and spin your heart into a flutter.

By now, we’ve hit the apex of innocent foreplay, how much more tension is needed before we dive head first into a sexual foray?

Ass Teaser By Super Horny Teen